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First, I would like to thank you for visiting our website!  “Axes of Evil” is a guild that was created many years ago and was abandoned for a myriad of reasons. Recently it was decided that the guild would return to life and with a few changes here and there, recruiting has started and we can begin again to construct an easy going, fun filled friendly guild. It is my intention to make this as fun as possible but everyone should take into account that they do play an important part while raiding or questing, even farming. With that said, I will post links that the officers and myself feel that each class should have. It will be the individuals’ responsibility to learn them so that they are more efficient in game play. In some cases, it may be mandatory to have a particular addon so that raiding can be successful. Some addons will be for just fun or as in one case, “Crapaway”; will be for quickly emptying your bags of just that, crap!  If one feels particularly strong about a certain addon that they use or have heard, please bring it to the attention of the officers so that it can be reviewed, tested and if found sound; included. If you are visiting this site, at this point I am still modifying it and adding or changing as the need arises, so please visit often for changes or if you feel something needs to be addresses, leave me a message.  Happy adventures! Vorkjunior.

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Vorkjunior, Jun 19, 10 11:55 AM.
Please download vent sever at
Since the game has had many changes since the placement of Cataclysm it is recommended that you go to for any mods that are being used.  These following mods are needed. Please ensure that you download and install them into the addons folder and if for any reason you don't know how to use please ask. The following mods I believe are required to have even the basic of survival and not wiping a group, the second group help with dps, heals, and the like and the last I find helpful for managing inventory, AH posts and easy cleaning.
A must have: *SPELLFLASH*   Omen Threat Meter   Deadly Boss Mods.
Should have: Decursive, Heals (all healers)
Nice to have: Crap Away  Auctioneer  Recount  OmniCC
For class specific mods, just go to
Remember, these are to help you have better game play, to help you survive and to help you DPS  and get to the loot faster!!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Vorkjunior, Jun 19, 10 11:49 AM.
Although I am back in school for Software Apps and programming, that does not make me an expert...yet! Give it some time and sooner or later I will know or know someone who does know! In the mean time, lets have fun, be on when you can and we'll figure the rest out as we go!
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